A Solar System Scale Model Meta Page

The idea: Making scale models of the solar system is a useful way to learn about it. Here are various related pages.


Some general background info...

Scale model solar systems...

Additions... (aka, What's new?)

Other ideas

What I would like to see...

- A web-based "spreadsheet" which allows one to give/take objects (lightbulb, marble, various balls, etc), rather than just measurements.
- Scaled orbital and solar system velocities too, even though they are rather small in realtime.
- Adjustable time so one can do `run around the room for five years'.
- Kid-accessible descriptions of "invisible" solar system structure (solar wind and planetary envelopes and wakes)
- Light issues (running around at light speed, truncated light cones from flashing flashlights, etc)
- A visual spreadsheet webpage. So a `not necessarily numerate child' (though I'd enjoy it too) could just click among `If the Sun (picture) is the size of a: [lightbulb (picture)], [pin-head (picture)], ..., Earth the size of a: [globe (picture)], etc', and get a diagram of the solarsystem - pictured on a desktop if it fits, or in a room, or amidst cars and buildings, an air-photo of a town, a map, the Earth, etc. With appropriately sized objects suggested for the planets and such. If the page took an background image url and meter/pixel number, folks could create links customized with local maps.
- ...


There are several scale model of solar system pages out there, but at the moment (1997.Mar.04), they do not seem to be well interconnected. This page is intended to provide interim interconnection. As sites dedicated to astronomy/education take up this content, this page will eventually be phased out. This grew out of a usenet posting of mine. Contributions welcome.
Interconnection is improving (1998.Mar.04), but has a ways to go. This page remains supported. Comments encouraged.

Comments encouraged. - Mitchell N Charity <mncharity@vendian.org>.
 Bos Sci Mus has a board with halved/embedded balls:
   marble, ball bearing, flecked translucent ball,
   ping-pong, golf, wiffle, soft, soccer, basket
  for a `match planet to ball' exercise.

  Too big - reorg!
  So many links now - time to review page organization.
  Add inflatable earth/moon/mars planet ball/globes?
  Find some VRML.
    glissando.gsfc.nasa.gov/vu a candidate, but looks abandoned.
  Automate Excite "documents like this one" neighborhood exploration.

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