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Scale of some things
A version with frames (experimental)
`Powers of Ten' scales

People seconds
Space m3 Volume
m2 Area
m1 Length
s Time
kg Mass
J Energy
m2/m3 of area
kg/m3 of mass
m·s-1 of length speed
m3·s-1 of volume volume rate
J·s-1 of energy Power

A View from the Back of the Envelope
Comments encouraged. - Mitchell N Charity <mcharity@lcs.mit.edu>

In this draft, I removed placeholders for pages not yet done or not yet sufficiently interesting. This trades breadth of context for ease of use. As more pages are done, perhaps switch back to a thematic from this mumble-density presentation. Draft also stripped the simple explainations of the quantities. Need to put back.
Current layout (scale | landmarks | other) just isn't working. (Perhaps a sidebar...)

Adding back in some pages:
net primary productivity

 1998.Apr.20     Fixed two long-standing typos (eg, kg/m-3). :(
 1998.Apr.14     Added `kg/m^3'.
 1997.Aug.early  Created.