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`Powers of Ten' scales
On Being Approximate
Scale of some things

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How Big Are Things?
Scale of some things
Scaling the universe to your desktop
Cosmic View: The Universe in 40 Jumps A copy of the 1957 classic.
Resources, including a number of related books.

Links to other sites

Quarks to Quasars, Powers of Ten
CERN's Powers of Ten (top)
rhee's Powers of Ten
Huskey's Powers of Ten
Molecular Expressions: Science, Optics and You - Powers Of 10: Interactive Java Tutorial [breaks my browser...]
Powersof10.com and Powers of Ten
Cosmic View: The Universe in 40 Jumps - by Kees Boeke

Niel Brandt's Timelines and Scales of Measurement Page
    Including Scales of Measurement, Evolutionary / Geological Timeline, Cosmological Timeline.
Universe Tree at National Solar Observatory/Sacramento Peak.
Orders of magnitude: Distance A long length scale diagram.
The Magnitudes of Physics
Data Powers of Ten [also here]
The Scale of Things A brief PoT zoom.
Exploring the Powers of Ten Rough prototype of a Java `Powers of Ten' zoomer for length.
Powers of Ten A few pictures from the movie.
Powers of Ten What are the powers of ten? Students create mathematics manipulatives to explore powers of ten.
A 26-step jaunt through space and time
A Grand Tour of the Universe, by the Powers of Ten - an NFS grant for a Museum exibit
The Powers of Ten in Time - an NSF grant
Using the Powers of Ten in Mathematics and Science Education
Scales of the Universe exibit, Rose Center, American Museum of Natural History
COCA: gallery | Powers of Ten exhibit[link broken] [discussed here]
Hidden Kingdoms - an exibit including x1000 scale objects
History of the World's HyperHistory Online
Pacing Earth's history using galactic orbits. Earth has circled the galaxy 18 times. The dinosaurs died out 2/5's of an orbit ago. Fish began almost 2 orbits ago. Multicellular life, about 4. This way of describing time is perhaps complimentary to the usual n million years ago.

A View from the Back of the Envelope
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  Early ('97?) notes ripped from above...
     Either notable objects, merely ordered:
       universe, galaxy, solar system, sun, planets, mountain, you, insects,
       microbes, proteins, molecules.
     or labeling even magnitude steps (this is mass, with steps of 1010 kg):
       universe, galaxy, sun, moon, mountain, you, tiny bug, piece of cell, atom, light.
     or clumped in magnitude steps:
       moon, sun, galaxy
       knat, you, mountain
       piece of cell, atom, light
   energy density
   surface area density (sorbent)
   single massergy page?

  Find a Geological Timescale link to replace the one which broke.
  Clean up.  Overhaul.

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