A Combined Table of Contents
for Several Programming Languages

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Tables of Contents
Introduction -- Index

Lexical -- Lines -- Comments -- Syntax -- Grammar
Expressions -- Statements
ControlFlow -- Iteration -- Iterators -- Exceptions -- Threads -- ErrorsAndLogging
ScopeExtent -- Declarations -- PackagesModulesUnits
Types -- TypeConversion -- DataTypes
Numbers -- Mathematics
Chars -- Strings -- I18N -- Regexps -- Formatting
Containers -- Sets -- Sequences -- Series -- Arrays -- Ranges -- Lists -- Hashes -- Structures -- Streams
Functions -- Objects -- Methods
DevTools -- Debug -- Documenting -- Testing -- Performance
Preprocessing -- Macros
IO -- FileSystem
FFI & Embedding


?Italic language entries indicate I haven't recorded a url for that language-topic pair. It will contain links from entries further up a half-baked topical hierarchy.

Related links:
syntax across languages

The idea:
Bouncing between languages, I found it annoying to have to remember, or to repeatedly relearn, the organization of each languages' documentation. So I created this combined table of contents as an experiment. I sometimes even use it.

to overLIB, which I hacked to get nested popups.

If anyone finds this page useful, or even just interesting, please let me know. Thanks.

Comments encouraged -- Mitchell N Charity <mncharity@vendian.org>
 If you would like a copy of the script which generates this, just ask.
 C99 draft n794 is a bit old, but was the most recent version I
  quickly found which had internal links.
 Some languages unfortunately provide urls only for specific document
  releases, but not a constant url for the "current" release.  So their
  links quickly become out of date.

 Add entries from unused tag list, and the topic synthesis doc.
 Reduce size of javascript.
 Packages/Modules/Objects resorting
 Differentiating links - priority, doc label, addenda
 (Comments in data lines)
 Talk about multilingual documentation and idioms database.

 2004-Mar-17  Online.
 2003-Jan     First draft.