Mitchell N Charity Notes

Inline::SWIG is a Inline::C/CPP variant which uses SWIG (Simplified Wrapper and Interface Generator) to generate glue code. SWIG currently (2002-Sep) has much broader coverage of C++ than Inline::CPP.

Perl's Inline modules Inline::C and Inline::CPP permit including C and C++ code within perl source code. Glue code generation, compilation, and dynamic linking are all handled automagically. SWIG is a standalone glue generator. It understands C and C++ (and Objective-C), and has some advantages over the Inline modules (especially for C++). Inline::SWIG attempts to combine the two.

Inline::SWIG is "highly experimental". It is a kludged combination of two unstable codebases. It is not suitable for production use. But I've been enjoying versions of it for some time, so I thought I'd dust one off and make it more widely available. I'd be interested in people's thoughts/comments/etc.


Inline-SWIG-0.00.tar.gz (files)

I do not currently plan to keep these files in sync with my own development. I don't expect much interest, so it isn't worth it. If you are interested, just let me know.

Comments encouraged - Mitchell Charity <>


 2002-Sep-30  Online.