Patched version of Paul Moore's FFI, FFI::Library perl ffcall module

   Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2003 00:15:10 -0400
   To: Paul Moore <>
   Subject: FFI patch

   I've just now written a patch to FFI-1.00 to improve installation.
   Basically, it wouldn't install on my vanilla linux box, so I spent
   a few minutes "dusting".

      1.01  Thu Jun 19 22:04:59 2003
	   Installation improvements.
	   - FFI now uses the _installed_ ffcall libraries and headers,
	     rather than those in the ./ffcall directory.
	   - Linux installation now works.
	   - Fixed two warnings in FFI.xs.
	   - Replaced the old ./ffcall contents with the current ffcall-1.8.
	   - t/basic.t now uses Test, and win32.t was tweaked.  Hopefully the
	     automated module testers will now be happier.

   My underlying motivation is that the Tiny C Compiler provides a linkable library to do
   runtime C code compilation and linking (quickly, without disk, though
   currently x86 only).  Which I am inclined to wrap (SWIG) as a module,
   and then create an Inline module on top of it.  But tcc itself does
   not, of course, provide any perl glue.  One can use Inline::C, but
   that's rather heavy weight (libtcc compiles and links a small function
   in a few microseconds, but Inline::C takes 1000x longer to compile and
   link an interface function, with glue, the old fashioned way).  So I
   went to look at FFI, but had difficulties.  Which seemed unfortunate,
   as I'd like folks to more often consider using runtime code generation.
   So I puttered for a bit, and got it working.

   There is a copy of my proposed FFI-1.01 at

Paul isn't supporting FFI anymore, and I can't take it on, so I post this here.

Fyi, the address no longer works.
And yes, I should have said milliseconds, not microseconds.



Comments welcome - Mitchell Charity <>



  2003-Aug-11  Online.
  2003-Jun-19  The patch.