US Frequency Allocation Chart
- a printable tiled version

This page provides a printable version of the NTIA's poster "US Frequency Allocation Chart" (1996). The large poster has been broken up into page-size tiles so you can print it.

The NTIA US Frequency Allocation Chart is available on-line as a PDF, and by mail as a poster (which can be ordered on-line, for only a few dollars).

I didn't want to wait for the poster, so I took the PDF, and broke it into tiles which I could print, trim, and tape together. This assembly is a hassle, and the result isn't as nice as the poster, but it saves a couple of days.

The original PDF (105 KB) (local copy) came from NTIA - US Frequency Allocation Chart, and is apparently the GPO's "1996 Spectrum Wall Chart" ((stock #: 003-000-00652-2),$6.00, non-US $7.50).

My printable tiled version (PDF 1.2, 8 MB) is 18 pages (a 3 by 6 grid).

Here is the Postscript (42 MB) from which the PDF was derived: (7 MB).

Poster Assembly

From the poster man page by Jos van Eijndhoven...
    Our preferred method for the assembly of a poster from multiple sheets is as follows:
  1. Arrange the sheets in the proper order on a large table or on the floor.
  2. Remove from all sheets, except from those in the leftmost column or bottom row, their left and bottom cutmargin.
  3. In left-to-right and bottom-to-top order, glue the right (and top) cutmargin and stick the right (and upper) neighboring page on top of that.
  4. Turn the glued-together poster face bottom, and put adhesive tape on the sheet edges (on the backside of the poster) for more strength.
  5. Remove the remaining cutmargin around the poster.


The files were created by first converting NTIA's allochrt.pdf into Level I Postscript with pdf2ps -dLanguageLevel=1, then splitting this into poster tiles with Jos van Eijndhoven's 1999 version of poster, and finally converting back into PDF 1.2 with ps2pdf.

Comments encouraged. - Mitchell N Charity <>

  Wish there was a "poster" homepage.

  Split the ps (and the pdf?) into smaller, more manageable files.
  Find a ps tile maker which doesn't just replicate the code.
    Hand abstract the existing?

  2001-Oct-21  Created.